This has driven me up the wall in my search for a good memory card for my new Camera. Almost never is the WRITE SPEED mentionend. And stop with these size classes . If it says 64 gb, I KNOW how big it is. And Mention The WRTIIITE SPPPEED on the card ! . And this class ten stuff ; prehistoric ! Come on , Jack Juan an Eli, just because Western Digital now owns it, no reason to start slacking. Be the first to come up with a better and more useful description. Or just something like R/wr : 95/90 MB/s 64gb , thats enough.

write speed is listed for all extreme, extreme plus, and extreme pro cards. If write speed is important to you choose one of the professional line cards. you can see all this info on the product pages. specification section. 

speed class, UHS speed class etc are part of the SD spec. This is put out by the SD association not just sandisk. 

also Jack and Eli have not been part of sandisk for quite some time. I don’t think they really have much influence over how products are marketed any longer especially now considering it is owned by Western Digital.