Why is my Epson printer not printing and how can I fix this?

When we discuss printers, Epson printers head the list. These printing devices stand out as the highly reputed and qualitative printing devices across the globe. One of the best parts is that they have earned a name and fame because of the reliability that they offer. But unlike other printing devices, the Epson printer not printing can annoy you too much.

Are you in search of a printer to satisfy the requirements of both your startup and large-scale business? If so, look no further than the Epson printer. It is all because these printers are high-volume and long-lasting printers. Simply put, a multitude of features that this printing device consists of, make it versatile and convenient as well.

Curious to familiarize yourself with the key factors accountable for the inability of your printer to offer printing solutions? You have landed on the right page. In this blog, you will come to know about the key reasons for your Epson printer’s failure to print. So, without much ado, come to the point and go through the information given.

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Key Reasons For Epson Printer Not Printing

No doubt, there is not merely a factor that is accountable for the printing issues that you are encountering with your Epson printer. As there are other networking devices available, they also cause several errors. The same is true with the Epson printing device. It is one of the electronic devices that can give you trouble in a few uncertain cases.

Are you fed up with Epson printer not printing? Want to know what it causes? Rest assured! We will definitely help you to know everything. All you need to do is to walk through the information given. Let’s check out each element one by one.

  1. Empty or Low Ink Cartridges:

In case the ink cartridges in your Epson printer are empty or low in ink, it will stop printing. Due to the empty or low cartridges, the control panel of your printer is also affected. As an outcome, you may have to suffer from an Epson printer not printing issue.

  1. Clogged Print Head:

With the passage of time, the print head nozzles on your Epson printer may become clogged with dried ink. Due to this, users of Epson printers will have to confront poor print quality or no printing at all. Such issues take place due to misuse of the cleaning utility of the printer or not doing manual cleaning to unclog the print head.

  1. Incorrect Printer Settings:

Being a user of the Epson printer, you are still not aware of the exact way to perform accurate printer settings on your computer device. As you don’t have proper knowledge about how to select the correct printer in the settings, it can give you trouble.

In case, you misconfigure the print settings such as - paper size, orientation, quality, and more, you will have to face an Epson printer not printing issue.

  1. Printer Offline or Paused:

Is your Epson printer set to offline mode? Or is it paused? Well, it won’t be able to print. This happens because you are not aware of the printer status on your computer device.

  1. Paper Jams or Paper Feed Issues:

Due to paper jams or malfunctioning paper feed mechanisms, Epson printers can stop printing. In addition to this, if the paper is loaded incorrectly in the paper tray, it can also cause printing issues.

  1. Outdated Printer Drivers:

Is the printer driver obsolete? If it is outdated or corrupted, you may have to encounter several printing issues. Due to installing an old version of the printer driver, you can come into trouble.

  1. Connection Issues:

Have you connected your printer to your computer device via USB or network connection? Don’t you have an idea if the connection cables are securely plugged in or not? If really, due to the faulty connection, you may have to come across an Epson printer not printing error.

  1. Software or Firmware Issues:

A few software or firmware glitches can occur while you are using any printing device. Similarly, when you use an Epson printer, it may be possible that you will have to face a range of printing errors. The main reason why such issues take place is being ignorant of the available software updates for your printer model.

  1. Incompatible or Corrupted Files:

Are you trying to print a document or any image file? Do you have conformity about its compatibility with your printer? If it is not compatible with your printer or in case it is corrupted, it will not print accurately. In such cases, if you don’t use a different file, the Epson printer not printing error will persist.

  1. Hardware Malfunction:

Last but not least, there can be several hardware issues namely - malfunctioning components or internal damage. Due to such faults, your Epson printer may stop printing. It happens because while purchasing any device, users rarely pay attention to the quality of the concerned piece of device. That’s why, you have to face printing errors with your Epson printer.


Hopefully, after taking a deep dive into this blog, you will realize how maddening Epson printer not printing error is. Additionally, we have also discussed all the factors accountable for this issue that you are facing. Ultimately, the information given will make you aware of the root causes that generate the printing incapabilities for your Epson printer.

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