Why is My Epson Printer Connected But Not Printing?

It is quite frustrating when you try to print something, and it shows Epson Printer not Printing error. Facing this issue is not new, this error occurs quite often while using the printer.

If you are also struggling with the same issue, then you are at the right place, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know, how to fix Epson Printer not Printing. Epson printer is all in one printer, it provides outstanding results and is excellent for your everyday tasks including providing quality printing, copying, and scanning of photos, and assignments.

But sometimes, due to multiple technical glitches, it fails to serve its functions nicely. And as a result, users face multiple issues, including Epson Printer Not Printing.

No matter what are the causing roots of the issue, it is necessary to fix it as soon as attainable. If you are unable to fix this on your own, then just go through the below troubleshooting methods, to get rid of Epson Printer not Printing issue.

Reasons for Epson Printer not Printing

Below are some common reasons for Epson Printer not Printing.

  • Dislodged cartridge.
  • The level of the ink is low.
  • No paper in the tray.
  • Clogged print head.
  • Outdated printer driver.

Methods to resolve Epson Printer not Printing

It becomes more clear to determine, and implement an efficient and sufficient solution when we know the causing root of the issue.

Hope now you have comprehended why Epson Printer not Printing, now it is time to fix it as early as possible. To do so simply obey the below troubleshooting instructions.

1. Check the Default Printer

This error can occur due to a computer issue, it is possible that your printer might get removed from the default. Epson Printer not Printing can also occur when your device is connected to multiple printers.

So, to fix this issue, you need to set your Epson printer as a default printer. To do this, firstly, you have to go to the start menu and click on settings.

After this, click on the device, and then select printer and scanner. Now you have to choose your printer from the available list.

And click on set as default printer. And once you set it as a default printer, check the problem is fixed or not, by taking a test print.

2. Update the Printer Driver

Another possible reason for Epson Printer not Printing is the outdated printer driver. Because the drivers are responsible for communicating between the device and the operating system.

And when the software gets corrupted or outdated, then the printer is not printing issue occurs. Go through the following methods to update the driver.

  • Right-click on the start, and go to the device manager.
  • After this, search for your printer driver, then click on it and select update driver.
  • Now choose Search automatically for drivers.
  • And then wait until the process gets completed, and lastly reboot your PC.

Sum up

Certainly, these methods will help you with How to Fix Epson Printer not Printing. In order to fix this same issue with your printer, follow the above instructions step-by-step.

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