Why does my clip zip play quieter than others (AUX PORT)?

I have a good quality mp3 collection. mp3gained to a satisfactory level. My clip zip is set to the right zones and is NOT quiet. What I have noticed is despite all settings being correct, when plugged into an aux port to car stereo, boom box, and so on an old ipod  or new smartphone sound maybe 20% louder. I would imagine this also holds true for headphones but might be less noticeable. i.e. clip zip sounds GOOD and loud enough maxed out where MAYBE an ipod or other device simply goes louder.

Case in point: I work in a high noise enviornment. Several of us have different models of work radio (dewault, milwaukee, bosch). On every one, their old ipods, new ipods and other devices can be heard from further away without being drowned out. They just go louder.

I have had several clip zips and the same story each time. Without another eq option to “boost” bass/treb my music cannot be heard.

Is the player’s volume setting (not the volume rocker), under the player’s Settings, set to high? Note that if you don’t have such an option under Settings (the EU has “outlawed” such a setting), choose the Reset factory defaults under System settings and then, when prompted for the region, choose N. America or Rest of world–do not chose Europe, which will limit the volume setting, as noted above.

It is set to high and region settings are correct. I’ve experieminted and if you choose euro it is MUCH softer. No, that is not the problem I face.

On high with no volume cap, the zip and ipod series are within 1-2 dB of one another. If its much different then that, something is probably wrong.

If you’re in a high noise environment, try working at the problem from two fronts- the ambient noise level, and a more efficient earphone.

This is where IEM (in ear monitor) types really shine. They protect your hearing from teh high ambient noise level by effectively sealing it out a bit. The Clip can then be played in the middle of its volume range. IEMs are more efficient than open type earbuds as well, requiring less amplification.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: