Why doe sit keep freezing?

I have a Sansa Fuze+ that i just got for christmas 2011, and just last week it stopped working. It would turn on, it charges, but when i turn it on, it would load and just stop , or freeze. So i turn it off try again, still not working. I cant get to anything on it if it stops loading. What can i do to fix it?

Reset it.

how ?

i tried , but it still doesnt work .


how ?

I Held the on/off button for 20 seconds, then turned it on , and nothing changed.

If it’s stuck on the refreshing database cycle when you turn it on, it means you’ve got something on there it can’t read or decypher; most likely an ID3 tag that’s the wrong format or is loaded up with foreign characters or possibly garbage in the Comments field. A good, free dedicated tag-editor is MP3Tag.

The firmware might also be corrupted. You can re-install it by going to this post and following the manual instructions. I wouldn’t advise using the Updater.