Why do these models get dumbed down every generation?

I really don’t get the progression of this model line. What was once my favorite small player has been relegated to just getting an android wear watch and slapping a clip on it.

All people ever wanted was the original great sound quality, a nicer clip, card storage and Bluetooth. Feature wise they seemed to give us what we don’t need and remove things in the process. Two years too late they finally add Bluetooth but remove the card slot and dumb down the on board storage in the process.

Just don’t get this company. And they also don’t get my money anymore. Would rather use a Bluetooth adapter on my old one and call it a day or throw a clip on my Sony sw3 and go back to my Garmin for running. Even creative had Bluetooth on theirs years ago, but they stupidly went to a touch interface which pretty much stunk.

Such a simple device to do right, but nobody seems to want to.