Why do I have to wait to change volume?

The only way I can find to adjust the volume is to wait 15secs until the screen times out and returns me to the track playing. It’s a bit embarrassing when others are listening and all I can do is pause the track playing until it returns to the track playing screen and I can then adjust the volume. Hopefully I’ve missed something but if I have then it needs to be clearer in the manual.


What do you mean? When the track is playing and you turn the scroll wheel, does the volume not change?

If a track is playing and you hit the home button to go to the menu, you can quickly return to the track playing by clicking the home button again, or the left arrow button. Both will take you back the way you came. Then you can change volume.

As I said, only if I happen to be watching the track playing. If I’m in a menu or looking at a picture you have to not touch anything for 15 seconds and it will take you back to the track playing screen, then the volume works. Furthermore if I’m changing some settings or am elsewhere then if I pause for 15secs then i get returned to the track playing and I have to start again! I guess what I need is something like other players have where you select ‘now playing’ and it takes you straight to the track playing view.


Press the home button twice to return to the now playing screen.

Ok whilst already looking at a track playing I can hit home and go to the menu, however the left arrow doesnt take me back. Had a bit of a fiddle though and the home button does seem to take you back to the track playing from most places after a few pushes. Work’s for me, thanks ‘qualityaudio’ for the info though. I presumed as per the manual that the home button took you to the main menu. Didnt think to push it again to see what happened!

Thanks JK98, sorted.