Why do I get duplicate, empty playlist (linux,easytag,msc) ?

So far everything works great except for one detail. I rip my audio cds with SoundJuicer, create playlists using EasyTag (I have to edit them to take out the full file spec and add a blank line at the end), then copy the resulting directory trees to the Fuze (drag and drop). Then I drag and drop the .m3u files (playlists) to the \MUSIC directory on the Fuze (mounted and in MSC mode). I eject and fire up the Fuze and have two lists for every one I transferred. One has the list and the other is [Empty]. I can’t figure out how to blow away the empty one. I tried pushing the submenu button on the empty playlist but it won’t delete like a music file. I found .Trash-nnnn files in the Fuze under linux, but they were empty. I also remounted the Fuze, rm’ed the .m3u files in a terminal window and recopied them in the terminal thinking that the file browser (Nautilus 2.28.1) might be at fault. What to do? -pat

2G Sansa Fuze

V02.02.26A firmware

Ubuntu 9.10 kernel 2.6.31-20-generic

SoudJuicer 2.28.0

EasyTag  2.1.6

This is bizarre. Since my first post I tried a few things. First I discovered that using EasyTag directly in the Fuze’s MUSIC directory while it was mounted (MSC mode) in linux, I could do anything I wanted and it worked. I was very careful NOT to mount or unmount the Fuze while anything was in my desktop’s Trash recepticle and I could make and delete playlists at will. However the original four lists I made when I unmounted the Fuze without cleaning out Trash persisted (although now they’re empty). Here’s the weird part - I then formatted the Fuze by hand (System>Settings>Format) and figured I’d start over. Guess what? Those four playlists ARE STILL THERE!!! They don’t show up under linux and are empty. I’ve looked through the entire device for hidden files, to no avail.

Any idea where these playlists actually reside???

Try a factory reset (in Settings). Then try a firmware reinstall.

Can’t help you with the playlists.

From other posts I have seen, EasyTag is not always Fuze-friendly, though I haven’t seen this empty playlist problem mentioned.

I believe EasyTag uses Unicode for its tags. You are better off using ISO-8859-1 (and using ID3v2.3). If you can change  settings in EasyTag to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, make it so. 

That is bizarre. The only thing I can think of–and it’s a bit of a stretch–is your Fuze was in Auto mode and somehow a copy of the playlist got sent over in MTP…but I wouldn’t think that would persist after a format. I didn’t think MTP in Linux was advanced enough to have proper, behind-the-scenes nautilus integration, but I don’t follow it all that closely, either.