Why Can't You Loop Through Menus?

I already despise not being able to loop through menus. This design is totally backwards, and not correct. Give me one good reason (or benefit) why the user interface was set up in this manner.

Every time I want to acces Rhapsody channels (which will be often), I have to hit the music menu then scroll over 5 times to reach Channels. If you would let users loop through menus, it would be 1 tap to the left and a much happier experience.

Please, please fix this feature in a firmware upgrade. At a minimum, allow the option of selecting looping. I really cannot see how anyone would not want to loop through menus. Or move Rhapsody Channels to a more accessible location.

It is as bad as selecting Audiobooks on the Clip / Clip+. Music, then up 4 times to get to Audiobooks.

I really wonder how much thought is put into the user interface, or if the product was rushed to market. It is very annoying to have an often used menu buried so deep.

Wrap-around or Looping menus and scrolling enhancements are two of the enhancements we are working on adding to the firmware for the Fuze+. 

Thank you for the reply. Those would be very appreciated updates :smiley: