Why can’t my computer find the Connect with the card inserted?

I have an 8GB microSDHC card in my Sansa Connect. The card is a little over half full and I was able to add music to the card while it was in the Connect. But shortly after the card was filled halfway, my computer would no longer recognize that the Connect was plugged in.


If I remove the card, my computer (running Vista) will once again find the Connect and I can add music to it. I can also add music to the card if it is plugged in separately through a card reader. Why can’t my computer find the Connect with the card inserted anymore? Anybody know why this might be happening? I’d prefer to keep the card in the Connect rather than remove it every time I want to add music.

Just wondering, what media player are you using to add music to the connect directly?

I have had various problems on occasion with the Connect when the expansion card is in place.  In my case, I have had success by removing the card, rebooting the player without the card inserted, then shutting down, inserting the card, then rebooting again, which forces the Connect to reindex and add expansion card files to the library.  This sems to resolve the card becoming invisible for me most of the time.  Be aware that if you do this, the Connect won’t be able to reassociate the tracks on the expansion card with playlists that may contain them.

Over the past year, on two occasions, I had to reformat the card and write the files back to the card in order for the recognition problems to go away.

There seems to be some sort of file and/or indexing corruption issue that happens.  There are many other issues regarding the expansion card because of the way it organizes the folders, compared to the internal memory.  An example is, if you use Media player 11, it can’t do an accurate inventory of tracks on the expansion card, and will duplicate any tracks already on the card during the sync cycle.