Who from owners Sansa Express 1G from Russia?

Who from owners Sansa Express 1G from Russia?

Please communicate with me.

There are some questions…

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if you have questions, posting here should be best since there are a lot of experts in here.

It is complex to me to communicate English language. Therefore I search for users who talk in Russian or I should use machine translators. I am sorry for my English…

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I have updated firmware up to the version 01.01.05a using this instruction.

Now I cannot return to the version 01.01.05f. But I can return to the version 01.01.05f if someone from users who recently updated the Sansa Express 1G  up to the version 01.01.05f will send me files from a folder *c:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\Local Settings\Temp~SansaPackage_xx-xx-xxxx_xx-xx-xx*

Once again I am sorry for machine translation.

Click me :slight_smile:

Dear Peyotero, many thanks for the help! :smiley:

All has turned out! Now at me again 01.01.05f

And now I am able to update firmware offline…