White screens

Hello everyone,

I constantly suffer from the oft-complained about white-screen freezes. Sansa’s FAQ and tech support seem to claim the issue is always one of filesystem corruption.  I’m not sure what the Fuze is doing to corrupt the filesystem so much - but if Sansa is correct, it has to be the worst corruption problem I’ve ever seen.  But I’ve never noticed any actual corruption - since they reported this, I’ve begin running filesystem analysis on the player’s flash andit always passes just fine.

Rather, I’m starting to think that this is a classic parsing problem.  There’s tags or files in my music collection that the player doesn’t like.  When I upload a file with a bad tag or filename, rather than handle it gracefully, the player freezes.

Has anyone seen any particular files they couldn’t upload without causing the freezes?


Found one.  Doesn’t appear to be anything weird about the metadata on this file.  It plays fine on my COWON A2 and libvorbis on my PC…

If anyone is feeling brave, please drop this file on your player and see if it causes lockups during “Refreshing your media” and/or white screen freezes:



ejf, I’ve just tried your file both under MSC (folder browsing mode) and under MTP - it is OK. No white screen or anything untoward.

Concerning white screens: I personally thing that the majority of the white screen occurences happen when an owner uses it next to some static electricity generating surfaces like clothes, bed covers, jackets etc.

Most people do not realize that all that generates kilovolts of electricity… 

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