White Screen

Is there a definitive solution for the “White screen of death” ??   Mine does it when I delete recordings. Then the recording still shows in the list, although it’s actually deleted. I have to reformat to clear them off.

My wife’s does it sometimes when she changes the volume. She returned her previous Fuze for the same problem

We are on version 02.01.17A

WTF is wrong with these things ??!!

Everytime I charge my sansa,  I sometimes restart my computer, then when my computer turns on again I see a White Screen on my Sansa too.

Time to check out some other brands. I have an old Creative Zen that I liked, and think their new models might be good.

Reinstall the Firmware. It may be that the file you used to install them is corrupted so download a new one and do a manual upgrade. If this doesnt work check the id3 tags on your files as they could be corrupted as well. If neither of these things work search the board for other options, and try them out, there is no one solution beacise it seems there is no one cause,.

The other thing you could do is a soft reset (Slide the power switch up and hold it for 15-20 seconds)

This is strange. I’ve only seen the white screen once in 6 months of use, after the soft reset it never came back.