White screen, then black and frozen

My son got a 4gb sansa fuze for his birthday.  He’s had it for less than 3 weeks.  A couple days ago, it gave him the famous white screen.  I held the off switch and shut it down.  It restarted fine.

This morning, it gave him a white screen twice.  He did the standard off switch shutdown.  The first time, it worked.  He restarted it, then it gave him white screen again.  When he did the shutdown again, it did turn off…but now, he can’t get it to start up at all.  It does nothing when I plug it in to the computer.  No “something’s been plugged into the USB” tones.  No lighting up or little charging screen on the fuze.  Nothing.  Is it fried and in need of replacing?  Did he just happen to get a crappy one and a new fuze will work fine?  Or is there some little trick that I can’t find to make it work for him once again.  I’d like to once again have a happy son once again.

Three weeks? Get it replaced.

How to fix the white screen problem,when connected to system player is not detected…help me in fixing it…

Try to reset the player. Press and hold the power switch towards “on” and hold it for 30 seconds. Release and try to turn it on. If it still shows a white screen, get it replaced already.