white screen problem2

Hi to all,

i have this white screen problem with colourful vertical lines on the screen of my newly purchased Sansa fuze 4GB Black…these lines change their position time to time

However i’m able to listen the song while d screen is still white…i tried almost all option nothing worked for me…and during my research i found it pretty common with sansa player…The question is why sansa/Sandisk people are fail to resolve such issues afterall it is doing nothing good for sansa…tell me should i have to recommend any one else to buy a Sansa player…i don’t think so if d problem is common no buyer should suffer…

If after this someone told me that i’m rude…i tell you…

my problem

  1. the CD doesn’t came with d package… so i wasted about a week to discover Video4fuze to convert a video…because

2)the sansa updaterinstaller(346KB) doesn’t run on my pc(vista) say"no internet connection "…so i’m unable to install it and hence to SMC

  1. video4fuze doesn’t run on my vista…(not with compatibility mode xp sp2) I had to run it on my friends pc(XP sp3)…and convert videos 25 in no. takes nearly 2hr

4)after doing all i just played for almost 4hr… i got this white screen…searched on forum for almost 15 days and nothing happen

5)no satisfying reply “solution” for my problem from Sansa support

tell me what else i do? despite crush this package …with resolution …“Never BuY a SaNsa Player” 

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Well, almost.

SanDisk covers the device from defects for one year.  Be sure to register your new Sansa via the Support link after clicking on the SanDisk logo in the upper left of this screen.  You can contact SanDisk by telephone at 1-866-SANDISK, or via the Chat function under Support.

If it is determined that your device has a defect, you do not have to pay shipping!  SanDisk will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization, and UPS will handle the shipping for you.  They will also provide return shipping.

Regarding a newly purchased device: the vendor should be able to exchange the device with you for a new one directly, and they will handle the exchange with SanDisk.  Check with your vendor regarding this.  You paid your hard-earned money for it, so they may be able to help you quickest.  Beyond this initial period, the Fuze is covered by SanDisk.


Thx 2 u Guys…

 first response. that relaxed me a bit…