White screen issue made worse by firmware update


After a period of working properly, my Sansa Fuze started to get a white screen of death every time I turned it on. I surfed the web on solutions for this issue and before trying them out removed all my music from the player, just in case… When doing so, my PC recognized the player just fine. First I tried a soft reset (holding the “on” slider), which turned the player off but didn’t help on the white screen issue. So I did a firmware update. The update worked and the updater told me to remove the player from the USB port to complete the process, which I did. Now, however, my PC won’t even recognize the player anymore. When I turn it on, the screen gets white and the only way to turn it off is a soft reset (I got win XP, but it doesn’t work on my girlfriend’s pc either, she uses windows 7). I also tried activating hold and pressing the “left” button while connecting, no results either.

Does anyone have any help to offer? Thanks in Advance.

Sometimes not being recognized is a cord problem. And if the cord was fritzing out during the update, that might have also caused some corruption.

If you know anyone with another Fuze, or a Sansa E200 or (I think) View, you could borrow their cord and try it.

Follow the manual procedure for the update–and by the way, uninstall the updater. It loads on bootup, and it’s not worth slowing down your computer every time it starts. You can check here for updates, but they are usually many months apart.