white display

I just got a Fuze 4GB. When I putted the swith on, the display was white with a few colored lines.

The fuze is now for loading connected to the computer. The display stays white. What must I do to see the battery and menu?

If you got it new, call SanDisk and get a warranty replacement. Sounds like the screen or connector to it is broken.

Ok well this has happened to me a lot of times…but it was because of downloading videos and then exiting them before finishing them and turning off sansa fuze. What i did to fix it was that you can either format your sansa fuze through rhapsody by right-clicking on fuze and clicking format. Note: Deletes EVERYTHING from Fuze. Or if you know whats causing the problem by turning on the fuze and you see the video as a music, you can go to rhapsody and remove the video with the problem and re-download it.

I have talked with one of the Sansa tech support people and he told me that it is actually a connector issue in the player which is a mechanical issue. Although the SOP on their side is to troubleshoot the player the usual way, they also knew that it will always be replaced in the end. So call Sansa tech support at 1-866-726-3475.

I have the same problem with my Sansa Fuze. I had it for about a week and left it in my truck for 2 days thin went and got it and the display was white.