White Collar/Nikita

Do any men watch White Collar or Nikita ?(USA Network and CW, respectively).

I was cruising around in the White Collar forums, and it seems that the majority of viewers are female.

The original Luc Besson film, La Femme Nikita, with Jean Reno as “the cleaner” was the best.  The film was remade and dumbed down as Point of No Return, with Bridget Fonda.  Not to belittle the remake, it was a great performance for her.

I liked the more serious portrayals of Besson’s version, especially Reno’s performance, he’s just one cool dude.

From the billboard splashes and advertisements, I have never even peeked at the TV series.  Perhaps all those CW goofball “vampire compatible soap operas” have turned me from the network.  Regarding modern vampires, Craig Ferguson shares my opinion.

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  Regarding modern vampires, Craig Ferguson shares my opinion.


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I concur with regard to Vampires. 

I watch White Collar usually on VOD or if I have to DVR but if nothing else good is on I will watch it. I like the smarter shows like that?

there are just to many different series that involve vampires, but i don’t get much tv in either

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OK, thanks for the replies everyone.  :smiley: