Which to get out of these 2 sansas??? Need one with longer battery life :-)

Out of sansa 2 GB clip and sansa 2GB c250, which one has the longest battery time in your opinion?  The reason I ask this is b/c I am going to be using my sansa player EVERYDAY and may use it 16-17 hours straight listening to it, with no access to computer during these 16 hours to recharge it.  I don’t want to end up with player that dies on me after only 3 hours of use.  Thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t know about the c250, but I get about 16 + 1/2 hours of playtime with my 2gb Clip.  The time I get with mine does seem to be a little higher compared to others on here, though.

That’s a pretty hard push for most MP3 players.  I think the Clip is going to work a little better in this case, though.

If you’re going to be near a power source of some kind during your day, you can probably get an adapter to charge the player up.  I’d certainly consider it if at all possible.