Which sd card should i buy for my LG G4?


I just bought an LG G4, and need to buy an sd card for it. Im considering either the Samsung evo or the samsung evo plus. The Samsung evo got 48MB/S read speed and 48MB/S write speed. The Samsung evo plus got 80MB/S write speed and 20MB/S read speed.

Which one should i get? Are there any limitations as far as how fast an sd card can work on a phone? What is most important, reading or writing speed? Are any of the cards overkill in one area or underwhelming in another?

They are available for about the same price and i’m planning to buy a 128GB card.

I’ll appreciate any helpful information you guys can give me.


Since you are asking about samsung cards you should probably go ask that question on a samsung forum. 

Agreed. Just check the product specs on LG’s page and you should see what kind of SD cards you need to purchase.


Don’t buy a card that’s larger than what your battery can record.

SanDisk once had a card search engine.

Enter your product model, and SanDisk will roll out your choices.

Check the homepage or products page.

What you really need to know is, Class.

Class 4, Class 6, Class 10.

I use Class 10, its the best.

Check your product webpage for specs.

They should have your available–card choices.

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Get SanDisk 1TB High Capacity SD Card.  It has 160MB/s transfer speed.

@tonykakkar2018 wrote:

Get SanDisk 1TB High Capacity SD card It has 160MB/s transfer speed.

Why not open an old thread again and share a link?

This would be the right choice.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSDXC UHS-I  Card  with Adapter


samsung evo plus would be a great choice

Don’t think too much, just go for sandisk. They are compatible with almost all the devices and their reading and writing speed is also good.

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