Which Sansa MP3 is the best one to Buy?

I presently have the Sansa Express. The very small one that plugs directly into my computer.  I’m considering buying another Sansa that as a larger screen, and hopefully is easier to use for Audiobooks downloaded from Overdrive.com (in conjuction with our local library)

Which Sansa Model (the model number) should I consider buying this time? Is there one that will allow me to listen to several chapters of my audiobook.  Turn the Sansa off, and then return to the exact chapter I was on before I turned it off?

My present Sansa Express was doing fine until recently. Now it’s hit and miss. Sometimes I can get right back to the chapter—but, more often then ever—I cannot. That means I have to write a post-a-note as to what chapter I was on before I turn it off, and then fast forward for a long time to get to the chapter depending on if you are chapter 3 or chapter 20 when I turn it back on! Yikes—this is driving me bananas to keep doing this.  I cringe turning it off knowing I’m going to have to go through this when I turn it back on to listen to the book.

Someone Help please!

Message Edited by Angierk on 03-21-2008 04:18 PM

O.K. Folks.  After some research on CNet, Amazon, and Sansa I have decided to order the newest Sansa Fuze.  It has “bookmarking” capabilities which obviously some of the other Sansa’s do not.  Like my present Express!  Since the Fuze will not be available until the 1 part of April—I will have to wait. In the meantime I will have to manuallly advance to the chapters in my audiobook.:cry:  If anyone locally gets the Fuze in before Amazon does—I will be buying it.