Which Sandisk Sansa do I have???

Some time ago - a couple of years, now - my daughter gave me an MP3 player.  The markings are " Sandisk" on the back, and " sansa" on the front.  It has never been updated as far as software is concerned, as far as I know.  The version on th einfo page is V02.03.31A.   I wish to know exactly which unit I have.

The reason is that I have recently gotten a new laptob which is running Windows 7 Professional.  I used to run Windows XP, and under that release my unit showed up with a drive letter, and I could move music, videos, and pictures to it using a nice peice of software called “FileMaven”.  FileMaven depends on devices - thumb drives, etc. showing up in the drive table.  My unit, as I said, doesn’t show up in Win7.

This leaves me hanging: Windows Explorer for Win 7 doesn’t work very well with the Sansa.

Maybe I need to upgrade the firmware in my “sansa”.  Maybe I need the details of some way of making the sansa show up in the drive table: the “obvious” method doesn’t work…  Maybe I need a different piece of software to move things to - and from - my sansa.

Can someone out there help me?

According to the firmware version you listed you should have a Fuze (original). Does it look like this?

Note yours may be in a different color.

Yes, it does,  I assume then that my ORIGINAL FUSE is thoroughly obsolete, and there is little or nothing I can do to update the firmware so that it will look like a disk drive to Windows 7?  Once it shows up in the drive table (as it did in Windows XP) moving stuff to (and from) it is a lead pipe cinch.

Drive letter means MSC mode. Both windows 7 and the fuze support this. Are you sure you have it enabled under settings? The fuze can also use MTP more where it will not have a drive letter.