which player can handle 64gb sd card

i have the clip+ but the support for this big of a micro sd card is a bit unstable, i heard of people that have no problems while others do have some issues like me 


is there another mp3player that is better suited for this ?

or else, which card would you recommend for the clip+`?

i have bought the cheap china sd card , i also read better class4 than class10 but i couldnt even find any

The Clip+, as well as the other Sansa models are not designed to handle the exFAT format of the newer 64GB cards. Re-formatting the card as FAT32 is more or less a “hack” to be able to bypass this limitation. Truth is, I don’t know of any mp3 player which will natively read the exFAT format. And with fewer and fewer dedicated players on the market now due to the shift to smartphone use, I don’t realistically see any new ones coming out in the future that will.

Better wait for this Baracus, maybe in time, it will be available. I wouldn’t want to gamble on this and have huge headache in the future.