Which one?

I am farily new to MP3 players and I am trying to decide between the Sansa Clip and the Fuze. I have a 2gb Sansa Clip now but need more space.  I use it for music when I am at the gym and also for audibooks. Any advice? Advantages/disadvantages of each?


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The Clip is really tiny; the Fuze is literally twice the size, but still pretty small.

The advantages of the Fuze are full color screen, album art display & video playback capabilities, better firmware update support, and of course the biggest ‘plus’ is the memory card slot. The largest size Clip or Fuze you can get is 8GB. But with a Fuze, you can drop in a 16GB card & boost your capacity to 24 gigs. There’ll also be a 32GB card coming out in the somewhat near future. This will give the Fuze a 40GB potential! You can’t get this with a Clip.

The only downside is that the Fuze doesn’t have the ‘clip’ on the back. :wink: