Which Mp3 player would YOU choose and Why

Last year I got an E260 and really enjoyed it.  Its NOT an IPOD!!!  Music was great, never used the video aspect of it.  When the View came out, I decided I had to have one, so for Christmas, I  got one. So far I have used it mostly for music, but I’ve started to put in some podcasts and a video or two.  I like it.  Having added accessories to my E200, I was dispointed that there doesn’t seem to be and abundance of accessories, but reading the posts and searching on Ebay, I’m starting to find some things.  I haven’t had any issues with it, i think its a great product!

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I wanted the connect but heard it only works w/rhapsody? can you check out the internet with it?
if so------that would be my fave!   but, for now its the e200 series. i have an old nano, first and second gen shuffles,cheap gpx,a creative muvo(i like the creative muvo)  out of all of these, my sansa is the king!:robotwink: second choice is creative! oh, I also like the psp,
but not great for the belt loop!:smileyvery-happy:

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After getting a Clip for Christmas, I have to say my e140 has been replaced. The Clip does everything I wanted the e140 for, but at half the size.

…I still use the e140 headphones, though. :slight_smile: /,

My Clip is perfect for use at the gym :smileyvery-happy:

Anything but my View, because the firmware is broken.

i started with the c100, but i threw out all of the chords and stuff by axident…  so i just used the raido for a while.  after that i had a M200 for a few years untill it got runover by my moms car.

my current player is my e280 and i love it to bits.  i’ve been comtemplating about the fuse but…eh i’ll stay with my e280 for a while

it ain’t the View, thats for sure.  My Nomad Jukebox 3 is still running like a trooper, they don’t make em like that anymore.

I guess my first player was a sony mini disc. which i really liked ,its just to bad sony would not let you upload to a pc with it

next i got a sansa m240 , which was a great little player. but i ran out of storage real quick. My next player was e260 when it came out,liked the size and sound of it, but again ran out of space, picked up a e280 about 6 months ago. and that has been the one i have been using the most. Just picked up a 1gb clip which on clearance at target. and i love this little player, might have to get the 4gb one

I have the same problem with my m240 its my first  experience of sansa products my brother recommended it I was delighted with it,my brother put all my favourite songs on it plus a message I recieved from my grandson which I recieved while on holiday in florida, he is a radio presenter in the UK I have only used it twice while on long journeys in a car the last time was on my way home last week suddenly nothing i am really upset,I have had it over a year now,so guarantee has ran out,cant believe I have lost all stuff on it:

would love to know if there is any thing I can do about it .


The View, which I opened my pocketbook to, didn’t work with the Channels until I downloaded the new firmware, along with the BestBuy software.

Now it’s humming along perfectly.  I’ve already filled half the memory *8megs, with my jazz library, and so far, seven jazz/vocalists channels and the Broadway Channel.  Guess I’ll need that micro memory too, when I start loading in some videos and photos.

Don’t give up till you get the new “To-go” …and then you’ll delight with the power of this multi-faceted toy!!

Again, the Rhapsody Channels are just loaded with great music…at $15 a month, a real deal!!!

Next, I have to hope tha “Channel” downloads will be available to my V-Cast Verizon wireless phone XV-9400?

i have the sansafuze and its aswome

i have the clip and i’m very satisfied with it. . .small and compact. . .format option, when it gets corrupted. . .usb mode. . .it practically has everything except for the video option :smiley: hehehe

I bought the Fuze. I wanted more battery life than the Clip, a larger display, and a memory card slot. Imo the Fuze should have come with a skin that has a belt clip, or else have a removable clip on the back. The main downside to the Fuze is that you are forced to navigate by tags, which is also the case for the Clip as well. Navigation by folders is so much easier than by tags. I hope Sandisk will come out with a new firmware for the Fuze that allows a choice of navigation by folders or by tags.

Hmmm. I have 2 - 8GB Fuze’s, e130, c240 and an 8GB e280 (well the e280 is circumventing the globe but should pull into port in a few days :stuck_out_tongue:).

Once I finally figured out over the last three months, what I really wanted in an mp3 player, the c240 is my favorite hands down. As long as it is a V1 to Rockbox.

Replaceable battery, great sound, very inexpensive when bought from almost anywhere than the Sansa Store, expansion slot. I could care less about video.

The e130 sounds good, and works on 1 rechargeable AAA battery but is a pain in the butt. High maintenance id tagging. It’s an older player, and I’ll probably never use it again, but since it’s under a month old and didn’t cost much, I’m keeping it as Sansa memorabilia.

I like the Fuze alot, however, when the battery is finally all used up, recycle it please. Don’t let the battery leach into our water supply by landfilling it. My wife loves hers. I updated the firmware for her, but she has no idea about flac or OGG Vorbis and walks away from me when I try to get her to give a listen. (women! :angry:)

The e280 is the big brother to the c240/250 and sounds good also. I’ll probably keep that because of the replaceable battery feature and a very (if you read the forums) not so personal reason!

To sum it up, yes the c240 is my favorite. If I knew what the heck I was doing 3 months ago, I’d have an extra $300 + to buy micro sdhc cards :cry:



I am only partially satisfied with my Fuze. While the sound quality is great and the card slot is nice, the lack of navigation by folders is frustrating. My older player navigates by folders. I didn’t realize I would miss folder navigation so much when I chose the Fuze. My older player is just one gig though. Those who had an ipod or other player that navigated by tags will probably love the Fuze. Those who had a player that navigated folders might find the Fuze frustrating. I have spent so much time editing and changing tags. Even so, I still feel like I don’t have control over how things are arranged on my player. I wish Sandisk would allow a choice between folder and tag navigation on its future players. It would be even better if a new firmware for the Fuze is developed that allows a choice of navigation by folders or by tags.


All my music is in folders. I do not sync at all.

For the Fuze, c240 (and that other one I told you about) here is what I do.

This is an on going project for me as over the last 20 years I have somehow managed to amass over 1000 cd’s.

I use these three free software’s. Audiograbber, Foobar 2000 and Mp3tag. Foobar 2000 is very powerful and took me a while to figure out.

1st I select an artist ie: Joe Satriani. Out of all his studio releases there are a little over 40 songs that I really like.

Using Foobar 2000 I rip the cd’s to flac or using Audiograbber I rip to wav. I like to listen to artists from beginning to current, so I go to the 1st release ripped cd and convert the tracks I like to mp3 & OGG Vorbis. I repeat the process until all the encoding is done. Then I take all the mp3’s and put it in a new folder Joe Satriani mp3, same with the OGG Vorbis. Then I delete the wav or flac files. I was starting to archive the flac files, but I decided to just leave my cd’s in the boxes instead of spending money on terabites of storage.

Then I use Mp3tag and renumber the tracks 01 to whatever. For artists like Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck I start with 001 because there are over 100 tracks I like.

You have 2 options at this point. In Mp3tag there is the ability to either keep the album tag or change it. I prefer to match the album name to the artist.

I leave the year and genre alone.

When I am done, I copy and paste Joe Satriani ogg folder into the Fuze’s or c240 Music Folder (or micro sdhc card). After it is 100% copied I loose the ogg in the folder name.

When you go to play the music in your Fuze you will have Artist: Joe Satriani - Album: Joe Satriani, select either or and start playing the tracks. It will start from track 01. You want to move forward or back? Use the wheel!

So as not to have to repeat this crazy process, I take my two Joe Satriani folders (JS mp3 & JS ogg) and move them to my second hard drive in a folder named MUSIC for storage purposes, and back my MUSIC folder up on an external hard drive. This way when Joe Satriani puts out a new album, all I have to do is rip the tracks I like and add them to the folders and the Fuze keeping with the track numbering system.

It works for me, a long process if you have tons of cd’s, but once it’s done - it’s done. No album art, no album list to choose from. I have a pretty good idea which album the songs come from and I can see the album cover in my head. I just want to hear great sounding tunes.

I hope this eases not increases your frustration.



I use mp3Tag, however there are still problems I can’t resolve. For example, some classical music has the composer in the artist tag, while some has the performer. What is really needed are separate composer and performer tags. The next problem is the song list. I want to be able to see the list of rock songs, but don’t want the classical music movements to show up on that list. What really drives me crazy is very slight variations in tags causing music to be sorted separately. What would help greatly if navigation by folders is never implemented, would be at least to have some more specialized genres on the player, like the audiobook and podcast genres that separate music from the main music. I realize I can use other genres, however this won’t keep those songs from being on the song list. I wish the player had a way so that when you choose a genre or artist, you get a choice of seeing a song list or album list, and can easily toggle between the two. If for example, I want a certain  song from a certain artist, but don’t remember which album it is in, I would like to see a song list just for that artist,  and not have to navigate through my entire song list to find it, or start searching through all the albums for that artist to find it.

PS. I found the solution to this. Artist, play all, back to song list gives the whole list of songs for that artist. It isn’t in aphabetical order though(why not???) so it makes it hard to search for a specific song.

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I see what you are saying. Sorry I couldn’t help. Unfortunately, I still haven’t graduated from tag 101. You sound like you are in an advanced class with much more experience :smileyvery-happy:

I haven’t figured out how to batch tag in Mp3tag yet! That is my task for this week.  

I needed a MP3 player to have in my pocket while cycling, and saw ads on tv about Sansa Fuze.

So i went to the store and was going to buy one, but it was sold out, so i went for a 2GB clip instead.

Used it while cycling, and loved the sound, but i thought 2GB was a little bit to little…

then 3 weeks later, the Fuze 4GB + a SanDisk 4GB MicroSDHC thrown in, was for sale for $86 and i couldnt resist the offer. :slight_smile:

I actually think the Fuze sounds better then the Clip, but the clip is way superiour in terms of size, and wheight, so i still use it for cycling :smiley:

I bought a C250 v2 because it was inexpensive. Unfortunately, the no-name cheap players I gave away were all better than this. Had it about 10 days, it has frozen up several times (only shows Sandisk logo, or gets stuck on Connected). Called the company’s support. Have lost all the songs on it 4 times so far, having to follow the last resort recovery steps, after trying everything else i could find on the internet and what the support people told me.


“Which Mp3 player would YOU choose and Why”

I would  buy ANYTHING but SANSA. The “why” is above.