Which Mp3 player would YOU choose and Why

This idea was originally posted by DiabolicSurgeon here and modified slightly by me :slight_smile:

Using all of the MP3 players SanDisk makes, which one of these did you purchase and why?

(DAP, E100, M200, C100, E200, E200R, C200, Express, Connect, Shaker, Clip, View)

Me?  I have the E200, C200, Express and Shaker.

I dont use my E200 anymore, because my friends competitors player broke, and hes been using it since.  I visit often tho :smileyvery-happy:
C200 - has been my replacement to my “Borrowed” E200.
Express - I take with me for flights.  I travel with as little as possible. No Cables, No Mess.  I prefer the light weight and compact design as I listen to the Express from around my neck via the lanyard.
Shaker (Blue) - Seems its gets more notice from the ladies, then my good looks! :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:  Perfect conversation peice if you want to get swarmed like those AXE Commericals…

(This post was created prior to Clip/View release)
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I first had a 512MB DAP. I used it like it was indestructable, which in fact is not true. It ended up having so many errors…and scratches…that I decided to get a new one.

My second Sandisk mp3 player was the c140, and it was great. Towards the end, though, I was severely running out of space on it and I had to delete some songs to put new ones on. I needed an upgrade and anyways I wanted a nicer one.

My third Sandisk is the one I currently use now, the e260R. I really enjoy it, and the 4GB of space. I just have to get rid of all the file corruption and song list errors :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have all three of these though. The DAP is sitting in a compartment in my computer desk and my c140 is on my dresser.

I went with the c250.  One of the main reasons I checked out Sandisk is I have liked their data products in the past.  Tried a number of players in stores, and the Sandisk (I felt) had the simplest and most intuitive interface for a complete mp3 newbie (at the time) like myself and particularly my husband.  Make it too complicated and he’d just get frustrated and find it not worth his time.  I hated, hated, hated the scroll wheel on the iPod the moment I touched it.  Couldn’t navigate through the menus on that thing to save my life (if you can actually find a working demo in a store to try THESE days…)  Was going to go with a c240 (due to price, mostly) when quite suddenly, found an outrageous sale on c250s.  (I would’ve liked the new blue one, but they’re selling for $30 more than I paid.)  This could be due to the new v2 models coming out.  No matter.  If the MSC option isn’t available on the new ones, I’m just as happy with the old one, thank you.  Have had no problems with it, until the updating the firmware just tonight, when it seems to have “scrambled” everything on the micro SD card I installed.  (Media Player told me there were no songs on it, yet told me it was almost full.)  Again, no biggie.  I just reformatted it and reloaded the card, and re-organized my player a bit.  I like it very well.

I also invested in the Altec Lansing external speakers (another sale!).  Enjoying that as well and like the fact that it charges the Sansa.

Bought an m240 for my daughter for Christmas.  Chose Sandisk as a trusted maker of digital storage.  We were quite happy with it until today when it froze and won’t be recognized on the computer.  Luckily I found this forum.  Was surprised to find a HUGE number of people with the same problem.  Perhaps this series has a defect?  Tried to call Sandisk but all I get is your call cannot be dealt with at this time, call back later.  Ahhh the frustration.

I love my E270 with a 2GB MicroSD card but i need more space!!  :smileyvery-happy:

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i used that one.

Not really into the video features much so I would prefer the C200 over the others. It is simple and nice. Has all of the features that the E200 series has but no video and more compact and portable for me. Comes in handy when waiting in lines or waiting on someone…LoL

I have a sansa express and I like it a lot, I use it more than my PSP now.

Call me old-school, but I still use an e140. >.> They don’t make 'em like that anymore…too bad, cuz I’ve had it for almost two years now.

The e100 was a sweet little thing, and it’s my favorite out of the older players.  Personally, I’m rather fond of the Connect, but the e200 is usually my player of choice because of its combination of size and capacity.

I would have to say the E 260,  Just enough room to store my favorite songs and solid enough to stand up to my kids getting ahold of it and it living…lol

But I really wan to get a Sansa Connect… I mean hey, Can you think of anything better than a Wi-Fi MP3 player?  With all the Wi-Fi signals these days open for access… 

I do think tho I may buy a couple Shakers for my kids. They’re cheap, but **bleep** sturdy and simple for young kids to use.

Clip is my favorite

Last week, I got me a Clip! The blue one.  Lovin’ the little thing, big-time.  I got it because I liked the idea of 2 gigs worth of storage for only 60 clams and I like having a bunch of tunes playin’ on Shuffle, which my previous player, an iRiver, was only 512mb and had a problem in that it would repeat the same series of songs in the same order in the shuffle mode.  This Clip dealie sounds just terrific, especially goin’ down the road through my car’s sound system. MP3 and the car stereo were meant to be together!! Anyway, I don’t regret buying this little player a bit.  I just wish I hadn’t paid $179.00 for the iRiver a couple years ago :frowning:

I would get a zune cuz i think its gonna be ipods next rival and has a bigger screen but since iwas on a tight budget i got a sansa(which im happy with)