which model sandisk do I want!?!

Hi all,

A bit of a newbie question I know but I was about to buy the 2gb or 4gb fuse with the biggest SD card I can afford to stick in it but then I noticed the Sansa e260 range and then about another 10 ranges! What should I be looking at as the prices seem very similar and I can hardly see any diference in the specs.

I’m looking for something that compares to the old 40gb ipod classic (hope thats not classed as swearing over here!) so I’m after roughly

24 hours batter life (audio)

intergrated memory card support

the ablility to create playlists

ID3 tag support

Can you store video on the extra SD card or only audio? I read a review that said only audio but its not mentioned anywhere else?

Thanks for any pointers,


go with the Fuze

I agree with drlucky. Even though I own a few e200 series and like them very much for various reasons; in looking at your ‘short’ list, I think you’d be happiest with the FUZE.

  • 24 hours battery life (audio) - Li-Polymer battery gives up to 24 hours of audio playback / 5 hours of video playback. The only downside is that it is NOT replacable. But they are supoosed to last longer than the Li-ion batteries in the ‘e’ series.
  • intergrated memory card support - Got it! Supports the new SDHC (High Capacity) cards. Currently the largest is 8GB, but 12 & 16 are due out soon.
  • the ablility to create playlists - Yes, but you have to work at it. Check out all the playlist threads on the boards here.
  • ID3 tag support - Done! All the Sansas rely on ID3tags and are very particular about the versions they will & won’t read. Get MP3TAG to edit your tags (free)
  • Can you store video on the extra SD card or only audio? Yes, which is an improvement over the v1 e200 series units.

No, it’s not a 40 gig I-whatever, but it’s flash memory, not a hard drive, so it can take the bumps & bruises an mp3 player is likely to receive in normal day to day life. Sound quality is excellent plus it’s just a damm fine lookin’ unit! :smiley:

sansa view too lol

Hi All,

I think I’ve settled on getting an E260 for my dad & a fuze for me.

Thanks for all the help in this thread and my other one.

I’ll no doubt be back when they turn up :slight_smile: