Which is the most popular/reliable program for getting music onto your Clip?

It’s been awhile since I first set up my Clip, but I use Napster that came on the CD with the player. I recall having an issue where I wasn’t able to use Windows Media Player. The songs wouldn’t transfer over for some reason. Napster worked fine, so I didn’t really get into what was wrong with WMP. Anyway, what program do you prefer to use?

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Before I sold my Clip, I stopped using any program with it. I would open up My Computer, and copy and paste my music onto my Clip…no program to screw anything up.:wink:

Agreed. Unless you’re a slave to DRM-encrypted music, there’s no need for any ‘program’ at all. Just use MSC mode and Windows Explorer and drag & drop the music you want from your computer to your Clip.

Drag and drop works ok if you are loading by artist/album.  If you want to select the files to load by some other means (genre, song title, podcast management, …) then something that keeps a database of your PC side music and can load music to your player would be appropriate.

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Windows Explorer can show some of the more basic ID3 fields, and sort by them, but the built-in search (in XP) is no good at searching metadata. Windows Desktop Search improves this massively though.

I still prefer directly copying to the Clip (via Windows Explorer or the command-line), because ultimately they’re just files, and I like to have that level of control.

Any tool that dumbs things down to the word “Sync” makes me nervous - firstly because I can’t be sure which way the files are gonna go (PC to Clip or Clip to PC ? This applies equally to phones, sat-navs and other devices) and secondly because I can’t be certain exactly where they’ll be put.

Drag and drop (copy and paste) is a good thing.   :slight_smile:

Create a shortcut folder to CLIP DRIVE:/MUSIC folde to your desktop. Then drag&drop your content here. Set the Clip to MSC mode.