Which is the best sounding Sansa player?

I just picked up a 1gb clip, and it seems it has the best sound quality of all my players, I have a m240, e260 and a e280

I rip all my mp3’s at 192kbps

What do you think? 

My Clip definitely sounds great!  :smileyvery-happy:

I wonder if the fuze sounds as good?

From what I heard, the Fuze is supposed to have the same hardware that’s responsible for the good audio quality in the Clip.

The new generation sansa players, the Clip, the e200v2, and the Fuze all employ the same processor.  The sound of these machines is excellent.

I don’t as yet have a Fuze, but in comparison betwen the Clip and the e280v2, the custom EQ is a bit different on the v2, and the audio output has more horsepower.  I believe this difference in output is logical, as the wee Clip is very small, and has a smaller battery.  The trade in output for battery savings is logical.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: