Which Directory do I put music into on the external sd card? Yeah I know its a dumb question

I just bought a Zip clip to replace my failing clip+,  My confusion is where do I put the music into

on the sd card.  I see a MSC, Audio and Pictures Directories.  Pod Cast go into audio book,  Should I create a new “Music”

directory at sd root or put stuff into MCS?

Any help would be useful


Sounds like you have your player set to MTP mode, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing an MSC folder. I would adivse resetting your player to MSC mode directly, unless you use a subsription service like Rhapsody that requires MTP.

If you do this, you shouldn’t see an MSC folder. You can create a MUSIC folder if you want to (I do), or simply put them in the root (not in any folder). The player will find and play them either way.