Where's the music that came with the player?

Subjecttitle says it all. I connect my player to the PC, access it with Total Commander. I see all the directories, but there alle empty. Where is the music that came with the player. When I disconnect the player and turn it on, the music is back again. So where is it?

The sample tunes on the new units are transferred in MTP mode. Your player has to be connected in this mode in order for your computer to see them. They should be visible and play without incident on the player though.

Thanks Tapeworm. I found it now. I’m not entirely sure what the difference between MSC and MTP is. MTP doesn’t work with Total Commander, but with MSC, I don’t see the sample files.

Another (semi related) question. If I format the player within the player menu, does it delete the sample files? And what about the non music, video, photo files (like the menu).

same thing hapened to me but it  wiped the visual data on my computer

along with that when ever i put new files on they’re all dubbled

There are two modes for connecting to your computer.

MSC makes the Sansa look like another two drives (internal memory and card) on your computer.

MTP is for transferring/synching via Windows Media Player. 

Your computer only sees one mode at a time. If the music was sent over via MTP–like the sample music–it won’t appear over the MSC connection. 

If the songs are doubled, you may have transferred copies in both modes. 

Thanks Black-Retangle, now I understand why my system sees a second drive, but can’t use it. Of course now I realize that that’s for the MicroSD(HC) slot. I think I’m going to buy an 8 GB MicrosSDHC card for 12 GB of memory :D.

BTW, formatting through the player just deletes the audio/video/photo files including the sample files. So it does not erase the OS stuff.

The OS is tucked away out of Formatting harm’s way.