Where's the Canadian version?! Our dollar is on par with the US dollar now -- so no excuses!

Where is the Canadian one? All I know is from the PR news in May that it would come later this year.

It’s bad enough that Yahoo continues to charge the same prices for YMU subscriptions, even though
US and Canadian dollars are virtually the same. (1 USD = 1.00085 CAD) So I currently pay $83.88 instead of $71.88.

I hope when it comes out, the MRSP will be the same or close to the US price … it’s silly to pay 40% more for the same product these days …

Assuming it’s ever released. As Yahoo does IP sniffing to see what country you’re from…
So all you Americans can’t use YMU in Canada, and vice versa. Fun fun fun. Not.

Louis St-Amour,
on behalf of 33 million forgotten Canadian YMU subscribers …

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hey, they’re available in Canada @ london drugs(west), http://www.londondrugs.com/Cultures/en-US/Product+Detail/Computers.htm?CatalogNavigationBreadCrumbs=Computers;Computers;Video%20and%20Sound%20Devices;Portable%20MP3%20Players;SanDisk%204GB%20Sansa%20Connect%20Wi-Fi%20MP3%20Player%20-%20Connect%20-%20Black&CS_Catalog=Computers&CS_RootCategory=Computers&CS_Category=Portable%20MP3%20Players&CS_ProductID=2405595&ProductTab=1, $199.99, except, I still, can’t get my YMU to go subsription to work!!

Yes, I know I can buy the US version in Canadian dollars. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the YMU services for the US and Canada are different.

So the product description at the London Drugs website as being “North America” localized is incorrect. There is a US version and … no Canadian one. (yet?)

Similarly, there’s a new Yahoo Music! website. Except, not for Canadians. I love the pointless segregation.