Where to find technical information on SanDisk SD cards? (@Tapeworm)

Greetings. Anyone with the answer please respond, although in this environment the only person who might know is Tapeworm. :slight_smile: Like, erase block size. I know not every card is going to be 4M, due to capacities and new technology… From five year old 8G cards to today’s UHS-I 64G to my new MicroSHXC 64G which I LOVE! :^) I use linux and linux partitioning tools. SD specific tools are not really available for linux like they are for Windows, although even Windows users have to deploy hotfixes to even use >32G SD cards because Windows didn’t look for 22-bit CCD offset… This is the kind stuff I’m looking for. I know most of the “technical specifications” are really targeted at end users, but some of us need actual technical data. I’ve searched the site and all the content is targeted at your basic consumer; it’s a sales site. Which I understand, sell sell sell! But there’s got to be a repository of technical documents somewhere, right? How do you allocate more space for bad block shifting? Leave extra space unpartitioned like you might with the SSD drives? Mark it as BIOS parameter block or reserved sectors under FAT32 or exFAT? Or can it even be done, ie. how full-featured is the Flash controller in each generation of SanDisk SD cards? I’m not looking for company secrets, just how to make all their products work at their best and live the longest. Any help greatly appreciated!

most of what you are asking is exactly what you say you are not lookin for which is “company secrets” so to speak. That said it is not only the company that safe guards that info but the SD association itself. You can find all the public information on the SD specifacation at sdcard.org if what you are looking for is not there you will have to become a member of the SD association to get access to more technical information and from what i understand it is pretty expensive. 

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