where is the software to copy my os COMPLETE PARTITION?

For the past 20 years, every single hard disk , that I bought, came with software so that I could easily copy my OS PARTITION. The SSD Dashboard doesn’t seem to cover that. I have a SATA>USB interface with power supply which I normally use for this purpose. So where is the partition copy utility ??

I have the SSD PLUS 120GB


Ok , I’m up and running with the Acorn App, but 1 time is very restrictive. Most partition copy software released with each hard disk will only work as long as THAT hard disk is the copy, but not limited to only 1 time. I have had Seagate, WD, Maxtor, Fugi and Quantum…all with limited versions of utilities, but never ONE TIME limited.

What happens if this system dies and I want to use this SSD in onother computer? Reinstall from scratch?


There are lots of free disk cloning softwares out there guy.  I think EaseUS is the last one I used and it worked great.