Where is the "record button"???

Hey all…my girlfriend just got one of these “clip” Sansas and she was just going through the features, but when she got to the voice recording feature, the instructions said to hit the “record” button…   I looked on there and didn’t see such button.   But I’m sure someone here can help, because there’s not too many buttons and I saw that others have posted questions on how to get their recordings off the thing.

But my question is at the foundation…WHERE IS THE RECORD BUTTON?  

To record voice, you select “Voice” off the main menu, then click the Resume ( “up” ) button to start and stop recording.

To record FM radio, you go to “FM Radio”, press the submenu button ( “down” button ), then select “Record Now”.

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Thanks for the info…   Someone slipped a “stupid pill”  in my drink.