Where do I get an mains charger for a clip in the UK?


I was going to get my sister a clip for Christmas but she has limited access to a computer and I know she will prob want to charge it at times without a computer.  I can’t find a reasonable priced charger for a Clip in the UK.  I want a good branded charger if possible as I have been told stories about chargers going on fire!!!  The Scan clip is a good price on dvd.com and she doesn’t want anything too expensive. She has access to pc but they really belong to other ppl and it may not be convienent for her to charge it.  There aren’t too may mp3 players with batteries theses days so I though a mains charger was the way to go but they seem difficult to come by - even the sandisk site doesn’t sell them that I could see anyway! 

Would really appreciate any advice on this matter.  Thank you.

You can use/buy any mains charger that has or accepts a mini-USB cable end to fit into the Clip, and that is 5 volt.  I don’t recall what the Clip’s amperage requirement is (250-350 mAmp?) but likely most chargers will meet the need, given the Clip’s small size; a higher amperage is just fine (as distinct from voltage, where a higher voltage could blow the Clip out)–I would aim for 350 mAmp or above.

It is likely that the chain electronics stores will carry something that can be used (I forget the UK equivalent of the US’ Radio Shack).  Don’t ignore USB chargers intended for other products; GPS and cellphone chargers will work for the Clip as well (for example, many have reported that Motorola Razr chargers work just fine; my Mio GPS charger works fine with my Clip in the car).

And you also can go to eBay and buy there aplenty.


(Personally, I prefer a name brand charger, such as put out by Macally, for quality control reasons, but they are more expensive, 10 pounds plus shipping as listed at eBay just now.)

Try www.amazon.co.uk. I bought the LUPO WHITE 3 PIN 500mA USB UK wall plug AC Power Adapter Charger for MP3 players, ipods, mobile phones, PDA’s and Digital Cameras etc for £3.99 there, and it works a treat… There are others to be found there also.