Where Can I Watch Movies Online For Free??

Hey Guys,

I’m new in this community and too addictive to watching movies online but I don’t know good websites where can i watch latest movies…So guys tell me some good websites where can i watch movies online for free…

A great source for television shows (not movies) is the websites of the major U.S. television networks:  abc.com, nbc.com, and cbs.com.

There won’t be anywhere legal where you can watch the “latest” movies on-line.

No doubt YOU should try LosMovies.com even if you have iPad

perhaps you can watch free trailers. But other than that, there are no legal free movies online.

Hulu.com has both free and paid (HuluPlus) content available. Mostly TV shows (and some classic ones you won’t find anywhere else), but I believe they have some movies as well.

Additionally, IMDb (Inernational Movie Database) sometimes has links to where you can (legally) watch some movies for free.

I would goto hulu.com. You can either pay for it, or watch movies/shows for free (although free users will be interupted by advertisements). Other than that, I don’t think there will be a lot of legal options.

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Try this on to Watch Movies Online For Free

Not sure that is a legal site. :neutral_face:

Yes doncht , you are right i also think the trailers are just the thing for movies which are free for encouraging people to watch flick in cinemas also i hate free word for movies.

Check out the DVDs at your locl library.  A best deal!

If you like horror movies, I suggest http://www.tophorrors.com/

You can find good collection there,

I know ch131 post movies, but the majority of content is TV series though. You can also try hulu or torrent.

Download free full movies is the best place where you can watch movies online for free.

www.hdlord.com  you can watch best free hd movies and tv series.

Have you ever tried this site http://www.reddit.com/r/FullOfStreamingVideo/