Where can i go to get movies onto my fuze?

Hello.  I was just curious what can i use to put movies onto my computer.  like, can i buy something from itunes or something like that?  and i’ve also heard about limewire, how safe is that?  i had limewire a couple of months ago and it totally messed up my computer.  does anyone know any other site to download movies from?  Thanks!

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There are plenty of free decent sites, but depends on what you’re looking for.
Anything that you can buy in a store is illegal/hard to find on the 'net for free. If you use www.any-video-converter.com you COULD convert iTunes movies.

Limewire works for me but you have to beware because many of the “files” are viruses…

Pls take a look at my comments titled “Solutins for Sansa e260 ^^”. It might be of help for you.