where can i buy the cable?

hi. im from the philippines and my mom sent me my new fuze. unfortunately, the cable got lost and now i cant seem to find a store selling one. do you have any suggestions on what products can be compatible for my fuze? i’ve tried e-bay but im not sure if it would work. help.

I bought 2 off Amazon.  Not sure for the Philippines though.  You could try ebay and check to make sure the seller is a good honest one (heard of bad ones for the cards).  Just make sure it’s fuze compatable.  I think Mine is an “inspire” brand, that’s what it says on the part that connects to the Fuze.

As you probably read in the Fuze FAQ’s (Please read before posting) [URL]  you can’t just use any cable.

Have your mom hit up Amazon. They have good cords ranging from $3-$5 for just the cord, but for a little more you can get the car and wall chargers included. Becareful on there though make sure you get ones from a seller with a good rating though or you may get something that dont work.