where are those default songs stored?

well, there are 19 tracks on the fuze. Connected to my PC I cannot find those tracks the fuze displayed, why?

mtp mode.

ange stuff - in mtp mode ONLY the default songs are displayed, not the ones I copied to my fuze…

with the fuze songs transfered in msxc mode will only show up when the mp3 player is connected with that setting.

so its kind of like 2 partitions on the fuze occpieing each others space without beeing visible each for one another? lol

well, now i delted everything using both, msc and mtp mode.

 but there are still about 140 MB used - what for??

btw: I cannot use mtp and msc mode simultaniously, can I ?

no you can’t, system files, maybe u forgot some files.

well, in both modes nothing is on the player (wmp shows up no files and size of all folders in msc is lake some kb only) - formatting the fuze via menu reduced to 113 MB - wonder how a simple media players firmware can occupy more space then win 95 does?!

It’s not only the operating files & firmware, but the RAM and space allocated for database information. 113 MB is normal. The remaining free space is all you’re gonna git! :wink:

Time to  invest in a MicroSD card!

It blows my mind how small those things are, while still having more memory than my PC! Technology rocks!