where are my files?


Following the instructions I installed SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac on my new flash drive. I then added some files by dragging and dropping them into the main section, “My Valut”.

If I double click a file in the “My Valut” file listing the file opens. But where are my files? 

When I insert the flash drive in another computer and launch SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac, there is no longer a listing of my files. Only an error that says, “This valut could not be loaded, it may be loacted on another computer or the original value file has been manually removed”.

Shouldn’t the files be on the flash drive?

Where does SanDiskSecureAccessV3 save the files it encrypts?

Wow this forum is a ghost town… No help, no support, no answers from ScanDisk on their software. Next time I won’t buy your products.

In theory, once you launch the SanDiskSecureAccessV3_mac and enter your password, the main window should open up and it should show you the files you have placed into the vault. Also in theory, the application should save all of these files as one single large file titled “MY Vault” or something like that.

It sounds like in your case, neither of those are working correctly. The first thing that pops into mind is that the file destination where the Vault should be saved is not correct. For example, it may be saving these files to your desktop.

If you do a right mouse click on the whatever the name of the drive is and click GET INFO, you can see how much space has been used. If the drive’s used space is much lower than it should be, we can assume the files are not being saved to the flash drive at all. If the used space is indeed the size you would expect for the amount of files you have saved to the drive, then this is not the case and perhaps the Vault has become hidden for one reason or another.

Do you use this drive on both Mac AND Windows systems? How is your drive currently formatted and partitioned?

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