When will You (Sansa) WAKE UP

To Sansa:

New Old Stock, 8 Gig Sansa Fuze is selling in some cases for over 300 dollars. That is how much they are loved by consumers, and you will not reissue this model???

Gibson Guitar re-issued the ES-335, and Fender has never stopped producing the Stratocaster for obvious reasons. You cannot figure this out? None of your other players can compare to the old style fuze. Perfect size, Screen, Memory options, weight. It had it all.

Who is in charge of your marketing, the three stooges?

You are right.  We need a Sansa Fuze 3.  They would make a killing.  Just make something close to the original Fuze, and take away the 8000 file database limit.  So many mp3 players out there are junk, but the original Fuzes are very good and dependable.  

I just think they have something planned already. For me, they are not Sandisk for nothing. They have survived years of competition. I guess they tend to do the right decisions. 

Not always. The Fuze was the best. 

I think they’ve decided that the shrinking MP3 market isn’t really worth their time/money. They’ve probably decided to put 110% into the solid start hard drive market instead. I would assume that if they had a new player in the works, it would be out by now. After all, it’s been four years since the Fuze+ came out, and I have yet to see any advertisements for anything new (except the  Clip Sport, which looks like a cheap last-minute successor to the Clip Zip), despite people practically begging for something new.

Also: Sansa isn’t the brand name; it’s the product line. Just like how “iPod” isn’t a brand name; it’s a series of products produced by Apple. Sansa-series players are made by Sandisk.