When is the Cllip going to be released?

I’ve been waiting for this thing since August.  Amazon has the 1G listed as “coming soon”.  The 2G isn’t even listed anymore.  Anybody know an official release date?

I think they said something about later this year? Could be wrong though.

CNET says it’s release date is tommorow: 10-9-07.  I’ve been waiting for this thing forever too!!!

Here is what I got from the Support email:

The 1GB version of the Sansa Clip is expected to be made available this month however the 2GB version is estimated to be available on December. Of course, the release of the 2GB is just an estimate. If we can release it in the market on an earlier date, we have no reasons to hold it back.

The means the color versions of the clip will most likely not be out until Christmas season.

i’ve read that the clip has an october release date… lets hope its true!

The 1gb model is now available at Buy.com.  Purchased mine yesterday and its already been shipped!

BB has the 2G model in stores and online.  Picked one up today.  Upgraded from the E130.

I went to bestbuy, and they had a a shelf for the 1gb, and 2gb clips… the 2gbs were almost sold out!