When I Connect USB, Sansa Clip+ charges only, neither Clip+ nor Computer recognizes USB.

I have another thread open here as well. (http://forums.rockbox.org/index.php/topic,34972.0.html)

So I booted into the OF and then formatted the device. I have to hold left down when I connect the USB cable to the device for it to boot into OF (the Rockbox Bootloader is still there), but like before it just charges it doesn’t go into USB mode. I’ve tested it out with different USB cables and different USB ports. Same results.

I also tore off the rubber part of a USB B end and plugged it into the Sansa Clip (the rubber part blocked a part of the USB) to see if maybe the USB port in the Clip+ had been pushed too far in but again no change.

Formatting will sometimes revert the USB mode back to the default Auto Defect. Check to make sure it is set to MSC and try again.

Tried both modes, no difference

Same Problem Here Need Help Checked With different cable Set The Usb mode In MSC Checked with Different System. Don’t Know What To Do…