When do you use your Fuze?

I use my fuze when i’m riding on the bus or just laying around relaxing…How do you guys enjoy your fuze?:smiley:

Sometimes when I play video games, go on a long car ride, or am working on something and it’s quiet out.

Sometimes even when I’m at the point where it’s time to sleep but I’m not tired, and sometimes just whenever.

Exercising, riding my bike, reading on the porch, waiting on my wife at the mall. I’ll be using it on an airplane tomorrow. Basically anytime I’m not using my ears for something else. (and not on my computer - I have a lot more songs there)

Kool…yeah i also like to plug my fuze into my xbox 360 and listen to it that way while i’m gaming away…lots of good uses…thank god i didnt get a ipod:smileyvery-happy:

I like to listen to audio books on break and lunch at work. I also use it to go to sleep by and on long car rides

Mostly while sitting on an airplane or waiting to get on one. :slight_smile:

In a car

On the street

At the office

Off my feet

On an airplane

On a bus

At the gym

Makes no fuss

On the subway

In a queue

Just about everywhere

How 'bout you? 

-In a car


-Waiting for something 

These are when i mostly use my Fuze. Lol i sometimes use it when i’m bored to death :smiley:

every morning on the bus

and whenever im in my room chair 

I love listening to podcasts to and from work as it cuts down on my road rage :wink:

I listen to it all day at work too.

Audio books at lunch, unless i have to be somewhere else or choose to read a book, then listen to music.

When I’m cleaning.

At the laundry mat.

On the bus

In the car

When I’m bored!