When connected to Rhapsody my Sansa Fuze shows 646 tracks but when disconnected only shows 618


Interesting, 28 mystery tracks.  There are a few things to check here.  The Fuze is loaded with a handful of sample tracks, ones that are separate from the Rhapsody ones.  In either case, the device should show all tracks under Settings > System Settings > Info.

When connected to the Rhapsody client, you can click on the device (sources pane on the left), and have a look at the bottom of the computer screen.  This will give you the total number of tracks on the device.  This count should match the Info screen on the device.  Teh only oddballs to count that are separate from Music are the sample Podcast episodes.

With the Rhapsody client, if you click on the Library listing, you may see a higher number of tracks, as not all of them may be on the device.  This happens if you add a few albums to the library, and transfer only selected songs from them.  For example, you may have a favorite Metallica album, but you think three of the tracks really ■■■■, and they aren’t on the device.  Not meaning to pick on Metallica per se, it might be a Bee Gees album.

Sometimes, due to the unpredictable @&%*storm of media rights, some tracks on some albums can be enjoyed on line, but they aren’t available for transfer.  In this case, the tracks won’t be on the device.

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I’m pretty good with my computer and MP3 player and went through my computer to look at what exactly was on my MP3 player and noticed through My Computer that it also showed 646 songs as well. So I don’t know wtf is going on. It’s definitely a mystery!

There is one more possibility, the track count may be influenced by the ID3 tags, or the metadata.  One would think that the track count on the device is listing all files per se for its count, but it might be using the music database for the count.

In other words, of there are 28 files there that are missing ID3 tag data, they aren’t showing up as available.  Are there any files you can think of that were from a source other than Rhapsody or the sample music?  These may be what’s causing the discrepancy.

Go to Settings > Info and see how the counts match up.  In this view, see if anything is in the wrong location, all music should show up in Songs there, if they’re Rhapsody tracks in particular (and I have yet to run into a Rhapsody track that has incorrect ID3 tag data).  How many tracks do you see listed under Podcasts / Audiobooks?

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