When connected to computer,cannot read music data

Whenever I connect my Clip + to my computer the music folder appears blank and I get a message there is no disk in the drive please insert a disk into \device\Harddisk\DR1 any ideas ?

Are you connecting the player while it is in MTP or MSC mode? In MSC, your computer sees the player as actually 2 separate drives, each with their own drive letter. One is the player, the other is the card slot. This occurs whether there is a card inserted in the slot or not. If there is no card inserted you will receive a message as you describe if you double-click and try and access the drive.

Are you sure you’re not trying to access the card slot with no card in it?

Many thanks ‘tapeworm’ it was in MSC mode, changed it to auto and it was fine…thanks again

Ooooh, bad idea using the infamous Auto Defect mode. :dizzy_face:

In this mode, the player can connect in either MTP or MSC mode at random. Why is this an issue? Well, while the player doesn’t really care; it will find and play files regardless, when you connect to your computer, it (your computer and you) can only see files while connected in the mode they were originally transferred in. In other words, while connected in MSC mode, you cannot see or manage files that were transferred in MTP mode.

The Auto mode defaults to MTP when conditions are right, so you should just manually select MTP mode (if that’s the one you want to use because of DRM-encrypted files or playlistiing ease) and forget the confusion of the Auto Setting.

OK thanks again, I have set it to MTP seems good

My neighbor experienced this too. It took her 2 days I think before figuring it out about the MSC mode.