when can we expect a new version?

few points that SanDisk needs to take into consideration in the next firmware:

  1. integrate internal/external library - this is so incedibally dumb that we need to ask for this.

  2. on podcasts and flac files there are random freezes.

  3. menus switch is too laggy and slow.

  4. add scroll/browse like in the zip where double click scrolls between letters.

  5. the back button is configured wierd. make normal like on the zip.

Sandisk u must understand that most people who bought the sport just wanted a bigger battery/screen clip zip.

please fix ASAP.

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I even don’t have the impression that the Sport offers considerably longer batter runtime than the Zip. However, I would certainly support your wish list, but be aware that SanDisk doesn’t care for user feedbacks in the least.

so what is the purpose of this forum SanDisk???

i have the clip zip aswell so i will report in a week or so on battery life. just got it a few days ago.

@ninjafrog84 wrote:

so what is the purpose of this forum…???

To support each other. :smiley:

My impression is that Sandisk is contracting out for basic firmware support and bug fixes, but probably won’t be doing anything more than that.

dude 1140 posts on these forums? thats insane…i thought at first you’re SanDisk’s CS guy :smiley:

@jazz wrote:

@ninjafrog84 wrote:

so what is the purpose of this forum…???

To support each other. :smiley:

Yep. We’re all firm believers in support around here  . . .

let me add:

  1. when on music screen, click on center button enlarge album art to full screen
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I greatly encourage users to think that, if there is a further firmware, it likely will fix (some) issues, partially or more, rather than bring player enhancements.  Anything further would be a pleasant surprise.