What's your video source and size when converting with SMC that syncs audio/video real well?

What’s your video source (.avi/.wmv or others) and size (height/width) when converting with SMC that syncs the video and audio real well?

I usually use mencoder to encode everything to 20fps 224x176 mpeg4 plus 128kbps cbr mp3 and drop that to SMC, as the first step can be done unattended from a script.  I never saw gross a/v offset in the result produced this way, but SMC hangs perhaps 1/3 of the time (which does not have anything to do with your question).

I tried everything, everything gets out of sync :frowning: , only way for me to avoid that is split all the movies into 10-15 min clips.

The only way I’ve done it is through another converter first.  Then SMC.  I use anydvdconverter. 


codec:  xvid

Size: 320x240

bitrate: 768


Codec: mp3

bitrate: 128

And then I make sure the output is in English.