What's wrong?

I have had my sansa fuze 2gb for years and it worked fine. I picked it up after a long time today and it turned on, but there was a big white box obscuring most of the screen. What do I do?

Reset it. Press the sliding power button to the UP position and hold it there for 20-30 secs. Release, then slide it up again momentarily to turn it on. With any luck, it will start up and run normally.

I did that. No change.

Try it for longer . . . up to a minute or so.

Is the player recognized by your computer? You could try re-applying the firmware and/or formatting it. Note that formatting will erase all your user-added content and you’ll have to re-load it but if it works, it’s a small price to pay to get an operational player again.

That would be a hard reset. Where you able to get this to work Mickey?